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10 Reasons Why It Is Good To Run

There are a wide variety of reasons why running is good and not all of them have to do with muscles and calories. Some of the benefits of running can actually be quite surprising. The following are ten reasons why it’s good to be a runner.

1. Discipline

While this may not be the most apparent reason why it’s good to be a runner, it is an important part of being a runner. Having discipline and building discipline is what allows runners to continue with a regimented training plan. Waking up earlier to begin running and simply getting out of the house to run, even if you don’t want to, will help build up discipline. This can only benefit you in other parts of your life too.

2. Sharpening Your Mind

Another fortunate side effect of running is that you will be exercising your mind as well as your body. Running along a planned route and maintaining your pace helps to sharpen your awareness and focus. Without these things you are simply gambling about and this will hardly help you achieve the results you want to achieve with running.

3. Independence

The best part about running is that you can always find a way to fit it into your schedule, even if you don’t have as much time as you wish. Being a runner means that you don’t have to rely on gyms being open or being near. You can run anytime and pretty much anywhere. That means you are far more independent in your exercise than most non-runners.


4. Reducing Stress

If you have a particularly stressful job running can be a great stress reliever. Running releases endorphins into your body that shakes off the bad effects of stress on your body. Not only will running help you feel less stressed after work but it has the long term benefit of helping you to manage future stress as well.

5. Self-Confidence

Because many people turn to running in order to lose weight or get into shape, the longer you train as a runner the more likely you are to have a self-confidence boost. As you achieve your goals and begin to set new ones for yourself there is no reason that you shouldn’t feel more self-confidence. After all, you’ve earned it.

6. Metabolism

Runners have great metabolisms. This is because runners have gone back to our biological basics. Ancient humans used to run miles in order to catch large game. Since modern day runners have technology to help them achieve this and more you will find that their biological machinery (your metabolism) runs very efficiently.


7. Weight Loss

Since running has the ability to regulate metabolism it can also be a powerful tool in weight loss. People who run for weight loss may find it difficult at first but it’s important to remember that every step you take on your first runs will only benefit you later on.

8. Strength

Long term runners will find that their muscles are stronger, they have more energy, and they are simply capable of doing more in their day-to-day activities. Also, these long-termers will also find they are capable of pushing their bodies further than they had ever thought before because they have built up their core strength.

9. Planning

Runners will find that a natural progression of their goals will at some point land them in a half-marathon, marathon, or some other kind of race. Training for these kinds of races requires long term planning and just like with discipline you will find that this skill will help you to maintain your running goals.

10. Social

The last benefit of running is the social network. Many runners, especially new runners, find that sticking to their goals and working through their problems is easier with support. People who are runners have the ability to help other runners more than they probably think. Running in itself doesn’t have to be a solitary sport and that’s what helps people stay on track perhaps more than anything else.

Running is a sport that helps the people who invest in it in many different ways. There are so many reasons why being a runner is a good thing for both your mind and your body. So as long as you keep reminding yourself of why you enjoy running to begin with you’ll find yourself meeting your goals in no time.

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