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Finish Line Etiquette


  • If you neglected to leave your personal music device at home, now would be the most important time to remove your headphones.


  • Follow the instructions of the race officials at the finish.


  • If a friend or family member is running the last stretch with you and isn’t in the race, he/she should move off the course before the finish chute starts.


  • Once you have crossed the finish line, keep moving forward until the end of the finish chute. Stay in finishing order if the event is not electronically timed so the finish line volunteers can remove the pull tags for scoring.


  • If the event is electronically timed, be sure to return the timing tag/chip before leaving the finishers’ chute.


  • Exit the chute and wait for friends or family in a central location.


  • Enjoy the post-race refreshments, but remember it is not an all you can eat buffet for you and your family.


  • Stay around for the awards ceremony to cheer on the overall winners along with the age group winners. Running is one of the few sports where the participants get to mingle closely with the event winners.


  • Be proud of your accomplishment!


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Source: Road Runners Club America (

In the next article, we will talk about Award Winner Etiquette.

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