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General Rules for Running in an Event


  • Follow the rules of the race outlined on the race entry form.


  • All runners have a collective responsibility to keep the event safe. Races generally discourage running with dogs, headphones, cell phones and jogging strollers.


  • Pre-register even if same day registration is offered. This will help ease the registration process for everyone involved.


  • Arrive early for the event, especially if you are picking up your number on race day. Check your registration information carefully, especially if you are racing for an award or prize money.


  • Use the facilities before the race start to lessen the need once on course, and help keep the facilities clean for person in line after you.


  • Pin your race number on the front of your shirt/shorts. This is where it is most visible for photographers and race officials.


  • Line up according to how fast you plan to run or walk the event. Slower runners and walkers should move to the back of the race pack. Just because you arrived early does not mean you should be at the front of the starting line.


  • Pay attention to the pre-race instructions. This is NOT the time to be blaring your favorite song on your personal music device (which should be locked in your car or at home).


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Source: Road Runners Club America (


In the next article, we will talk about Race Etiquette on Course.

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