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How Running Can Aid Your Lifestyle


When it comes to fitness and exercise, you might not be so surprised to learn that it’s going to be directly affected by how much sleep you have had. Try and work out on an empty stomach and a few hours sleep and you’ll find it far more difficult and you probably won’t have the stamina or willpower to get beyond your minimum allocation. Instead, when it comes to exercise, you need to make sure that your body is receiving all the sleep that it can get.

When your body is well rested and prepared, the shock and energy being used when exercising is minimized.

But how do you get to this position? It’s hard to find the extra energy needed to start running regularly, and it can leave you chasing yourself a little bit in terms of results. To avoid this from happening, you should probably look into the incredibly important algorithm behind running;

  • When you have more sleep, you will be able to run more efficiently and for longer
  • When you run for longer, you will use up more energy so will get a better, more relaxing sleep at night


Both come together in a kind of Catch-22 situation as it can make starting running regularly a hard thing to take up, due to the extra energy you need through sleeping. But once you start, you will find that you get a sound and really enjoyable sleep at night instead of the typical few hours of restlessness that most of us tend to live with.

So, how can running actually aid you’re sleeping patterns potency?

  • Aerobic exercises are seen by some to be every bit as powerful as using sleeping pills or medications to help you drift off at night. By expending energy naturally you are going to be more tired by the time you go to bed at. This means that you will have earned a sleep and therefore be able to get a far more comprehensive and open sleep.


  • By getting a better sleep, you will start to see a greater willingness to run – your body is able to gauge how much energy you have left and if you don’t really feel capable of going for a run its easy for your body to talk you out of the idea. When you have more energy through getting a better sleep, though, your body is far more likely to respond to you and make you more willing to get up and go for a run instead of just thinking about it!


  • Although you need the sleep to get the energy to run, for those of us who don’t lead active lives or have active jobs it can be the best way to improve our own sleeping patterns. If you are usually up to the small hours of the morning you can make a change to your sleeping pattern right away simply by going for a run. Your body will expend a lot of the energy that keeps you alert and awake when you are trying to shut off at night!


  • When your body is more used to actually dealing with things like exercise more mundane tasks become less mentally taxing. You’ll find yourself struggling less at work or at home, and will find that taking on tasks that previously seemed like a really difficult slog so much more appealing to you. Your entire life around you can improve just by using running to burn away that lack of self-confidence. When you start to see the positive gains of running, you will be more inclined to keep at it and to help change your lifestyle.


  • One of the most impressive features of running, though, is the positive reactions it creates inside your body. This gets the blood pumping oxygen more rapidly than before and ensures that your body can start to remove a lot of the toxins and free radicals we carry about throughout the day thanks to a poor diet. When you do this, it starts to change everything for you you’ll feel fitter, fresher and more alert. Running helps you remove these negatives from your body, which can also play a big part in keeping you awake at night


So, the easiest way to change things around would be fairly simple – you need to start getting to bed earlier!

Starting tomorrow, you should try and make sure that you get engaged in at least 2 ½ hours of exercise every week in outs of around 10 minute spells. So, you could go for five runs of thirty minutes each day; the benefits it will do you in terms of your fitness, stamina and ability to breathe is quite amazing. More importantly, though, it will help you get yourself into a strong and deep sleep at night – this is necessary if you want to try and keep the running habit going strong.

It takes a lot of work to get yourself into the right frame of mind, and daily running can help you get into the habit of exercising and then recovering properly at night with a real sleep. Burning the candle at both ends may seem like a good idea, but too much exertion and not enough rest will eventually burn you out as well as completely blunt any effectiveness that you had when you actually had full energy and life about you previously.

If you want to change the record, so to speak, you need to rest as much as you can. Sleep is a vital part of our regeneration and growth as people and without a healthy life balance you will start to become slow and sluggish at work and at home.

So, if you are noticing a considerable drop in your performance at home or at work when dealing with certain things you really do need to consider what could be causing this problem, and how you can address it as soon as you possibly can – think about it whilst you’re in bed!

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