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Neuroscientists create a playlist that can reduce anxiety

If you're the type that always has your headphones on, you certainly know how certain songs can change your mood. And neuroscience proves it! A recent study by British Mindlab - an organization focused on studies of the impact that communication has on our brains - has put together a tailor-made playlist for those seeking to combat anxiety.

To elect the 10 songs, scientists analyzed a group of volunteers while they performed logic tasks as quickly as possible. Such activities were designed to induce certain levels of stress and the people analyzed listened to a number of songs while trying to solve them.

Through a series of sensors, scientists were able to measure the brain activity of each volunteer, as well as obtaining physiological information such as heart rate, blood pressure and breathing rate.

According to the study conducted by Mindlab, the sound of Weightless is able to reduce anxiety by up to 65%. Purposely, "weightless" in English means "weightless, very light".

Check out the 10 tracks that, according to science, can lessen your anxiety:

1. Weighless (Marconi Union)

2. Electra (Airstream)


3. Mellomaniac – Chill Out Mix (DJ Shah)


4. Watermark (Enya)


5. Strawberry Swing (Coldplay)


6. Please Don’t Go (Barcelona)


7. Pure Shores (All Saints)


8. Someone Like You (Adele)


9. Canzonetta Sull’aria (Mozart)


10. We Can Fly (Café Del Mar)

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