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Road and Trail Running Rules

1) Always run against traffic when running on the road. If you are running on the sidewalk or trails, travel on the right and pass on the left.

2) Never run more than two abreast if you are running in a group. Don’t be a road or trail hog.

3) Don’t run on the middle of the road or trail. Its dangerous for you and for your surroundings.

4) If you are running an out-and-back route, don’t just make a sudden u-turn at your turn around point. Stop, step to the right to allow oncoming traffic the opportunity to pass. Ensure the road or trail is clear of oncoming traffic (runners, cyclists, in-line skaters) then make your u-turn. Making a sudden u-turn without looking over your shoulder is a good way to get hit.

5) Alert pedestrians when you are passing them – don’t assume they are aware of their surroundings. A simple “on your left” or "coming through" warning will do.

6) Stay alert on blind curves.

7) Stop at stop signs and ensure oncoming traffic yields to you before proceeding across a road. Don’t assume cars will stop if you are entering a cross walk.

8) Respect private property along your route. Don’t relieve yourself on the neighbor’s lawn.

9) Don’t litter. If you can’t find a trash can, carry your trash home.

10) Use suitable equipment running.

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Source: Road Runners Club America (

In the next article, we will talk about General Rules for Running on a Event.

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