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The Basic ASICS for High Arches


As you will no doubt be aware, having the best support for your feet when you start running is very important. One of the most popular brands of shoes at the moment is Asics running shoes. A massively popular brand all across the world, this US brand are really beginning to capture the market with a range of shoes that are built to last, as well as provide comfort and strength for your feet.

Many of their model brands, for example, are the perfect solution for anyone who needs running shoes for plantar fasciitis. This can help you deal with the problems associated with this condition, ensuring that you will be providing the strength and support that your feet need to stay comfortable all the time.

When it comes to buying Asics arch support should be one of the most important things that you take into consideration. Running shoes need to be built for your own requirements and needs, and the variety of Asics shoes out there can make this a bit of a challenge to prepare for.


Best Asics for High Arches

When you are looking for Asics for high arches, there are a few styles to think about. High arches are rarer than flat feet but will give you more pain when trying to deal with the problem – worst of all, the causes aren’t really known. We recommend looking at ASICS Gel-Kinsei 4 running shoes


The Best Asics Flat Feet Solutions & Asics for Overpronators

As your foot is arched on the tarsal and metatarsal bones, those without a distinct curve within the inside of their feet will typically have flat feet or high aches. You are more likely to suffer from something known as overpronating, and this can lead to more injuries and damage. Therefore, you need to find a kind of shoe that will help you deal with this situation – we personally recommend the Asics GT-2000 2. The have been around for a while now so should be available at a fair price for you, and provide you with an excellent shoe that offers fantastic support. If you suffer from overpronation then you might want to consider looking into this shoe specifically.


It’s vital that you are able to fit a shoe that can help you with overpronation if you suffer from it; the excess pain and risk of injury that it brings really is not worth living with, trust us! Instead, you should be looking for something that you can feel more comfortable with in the long-term.


Are Asics The Best Running Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis?

Since plantar fasciitis is a particularly common injury for runners, its’ important to build up some kind of resistance and balance for your body when moving forward in the future. By providing with extra ankle and arch support, though, Asics can be some of the best shoes to turn to when you are trying to recover from – or prevent – plantar fasciitis from occurring. The following ranges of Asics running shoes will be excellent for helping you combat this problem;

  • The Asics GEL Nimbus 15 are well worth checking out – they are some of the finest running shoes on the market at the moment. The FluidRide mid-sole provides you with some fantastic cushioning when you run, removing the shock and strain that many people who suffer from plantar fasciitis injuries may suffer from. Additionally, these are incredibly durable shoes that will last you for a long time if you make the purchase – they even help to give extra support to parts of your body like your knees and your back


  • The Asics Women’s GEL-Kayano 20 can be a fantastic choice for you if you are female. They provide you with a lightweight yet supportive option that gives you more cushion and strength than many of its contemporaries within the market. You will probably find there is enough space within the shoes to fit a bespoke orthotic as well, which can be very useful in making your shoes even more comfortable to wear!


Asics Brands

Being such a big part of the running world today, Asics comes in many brands, and they all have their own varieties. From unique Asics insoles to totally different styles styles, widths and materials Asics have found an excellent way to produce consistently attractive shoes without going overboard in terms of the price or the design. Here are some of the most popular brands of shoes, and how they might serve you best;

  • The Gel-Flux range is a cost-effective yet comfortable entry-level training shoe. If you are just getting into running and need something solid that looks good as well, the Gel-Flux styles are well worth looking at. They provide you with a gel material in the heel to give you extra support, and also comes with 4E width so you should find something that fits you perfectly


  • Gel-Exalt are another very popular range for those who are looking for something that can provide you with DuoMax support to help you deal with overpronation. Using a slightly firmer insole than other shoe styles, this can give you the extra help and comfort you need when you are out running


  • Gel-Super ranges are an expensive style but are well worth looking at if you need something light and easy to manage – these are the lightest Asics shoes out there on the market at the moment. Add in their funky designs, whilst offering you a running shoe that will work very much like a traditional racing slat. This will help you keep the joints of your feet aligned in the right manner


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